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Why Love Us?


All of our fish are wild-caught in Southeast Alaska, by a group of equally wild (though extremely nice) fishermen. You won’t find any antibiotics or dyes here. Just pristine fish from one of the most pristine places in the entire world!

Community Based

Most of the world’s fish are caught by large factory boats that fish waters distant from their home ports. Our Alaskan fishing families live in the communities where they fish and are invested in the use of the resource over the long term.

Finest Quality

Our fishermen take shorter trips than the rest of the fleet. They catch every fish one at a time, hand­-processing them on board the boat and getting them on ice in 20 minutes or less. Back on shore, our fish are flash­-frozen at the peak of their freshness at our small processing plant in Sitka, Alaska. We have the most careful and thoughtful handling in the industry, ensuring that the highest­-quality fish is delivered to your doorstep. This is why writers at Bon Appetit say we’re a “Best Way to Buy Sustainable Seafood” and ​Food & Wine magazine notes, "If you love salmon, you need to know about @SitkaShares." (That’s us, in the Twitterverse.)


By efficiently bringing our fish directly to you, Salmon Shares fishermen generally retain 20 to 30 percent more of the value of their harvest. Plus, they’re owners of the company! With us, you’re getting fish directly from a sustainably minded, small­-scale family fisherman.


Our fish is traceable to the boat of one of our fishermen-owners. Want to know who caught your fish? We can tell you. Heck, we can even introduce you. And if you ever decide to visit us in Sitka, be warned that many of them are excellent cooks and would love to have you over for dinner—provided you help with the dishes, of course!


We offset carbon emissions in our Alaska-to-Midwest distribution system, and we donate 1 percent of our revenue back to wild fish conservation. Right now, our 1 percent to the Wild fund is supporting a Wild Salmon Conservation and Restoration Internship at Knox College and helping a young filmmaker launch a film on small­-scale fishing called The Last Man Fishing.


You reserve your share of the harvest, our fishermen catch your fish, and we home­-deliver. We also send you recipes, host member events, and share cooking tips. Eating healthy, wild fish couldn’t be more simple!


Alaska's State Constitution mandates the sustainable management of fisheries. To accomplish this, scientists diligently study fish stocks, managers set strict catch limits to ensure the viability of wild fish populations, and fishermen abide by these limits. It's why Alaska's fisheries are the envy of the world.

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