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You must really appreciate the finer things in life if you’ve landed here on the recommendation from a friend! In fact, you're probably passionate about responsible food systems, great tasting seafood, and the environment, too. Hello and welcome!

We invite you to join other passionate foodies by joining Sitka Salmon Shares' community supported fishery (CSF). Because you were referred, you’ll get $25 off your first month’s payment on any of our premium seafood shares. To make sure your friend gets credit for your order, too, add your friend’s name when you checkout and be sure to use the code AHOYFRIENDS2021 for $25 off a 2021 Premium Share.

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Already know what Sitka Salmon Shares is all about and ready to enroll? Click the button below to join! Otherwise, scroll on to learn all about our CSF and its merits.

About Sitka Salmon Shares:

Wild Alaska seafood delivered to your doorstep

We’re a collective of small-boat fishermen who practice responsible, low-impact fishing methods. We’re supported by a community of conscientious seafood eaters who want high-quality fish that they can feel good about. Our fish are harvested in the most well-managed seasonal fisheries in the world, through the months of March to December.

We are proud of our amazing quality, which we go to great lengths to ensure. After our fish are caught, they’re blast-frozen, which maximizes quality (texture and taste). Then, each fish is carefully filleted to preserve it’s beautiful, natural lines. When you get your first box, you’ll see what we mean. No “cookie-cutter” fish here!

You become a member of our community supported fishery (CSF) by enrolling in a share, which is a portion of our catch delivered to you monthly. This season’s shares offer a diverse variety of the most prized seafood from Alaska's waters. Your member experience includes:

Responsibly wild-caught fish

We catch your fish, one at a time, with lots of love and care. Then, they’re individually vacuum-sealed and blast-frozen to lock-in that fresh-from-the-ocean taste.

Convenient monthly home-delivery

Every month during fishing season, you get a box of wild-caught seafood right to your door by one of our Sitka Salmon Stewards or friends at UPS.

Culinary adventures

Learn to cook your fish with included recipe cards and cooking tips, plus an expansive online library of recipes! Or, use your own seafood-cooking knowledge with premium ingredients. Plus, we gaurantee you’ll always be happy with the fish in your share — or your money back.

Premium quality, traceable seafood

We know how hard it can be to find great seafood. Grocery stores are notoriously unreliable when it comes to freshness and traceability. Our commitment to transparency and quality guarantees we can trace your seafood back to the source. Once you've had a taste of what Sitka Salmon Shares has to offer, you'll never want grocery store seafood again!

Plated dish of mixed herb pesto and coho salmon
This could be your dinner next month!

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