Tell-a-Friend Season

Spread the word about amazing fish!

Like many small businesses, we credit much of our growth to our community of members sharing us with friends and family. So every year we invite our members to participate in our Tell-a-Friend promotion. So how does it work? We’re giving you a $25 rebate for every new member that signs up and $25 off for each of your friends. So if you get four friends to sign up, you get $100 back! (up to the value of your share). Seasonal Sale items are excluded from the promotion.

Whoever has the most referrals wins an epic surprise box bursting with free fish, cooking accouterments, and Sitka Salmon Shares swag!

Tell-A-Friend Season in 1-2-3:

  1. 1 Refer your seafood-loving friends and family members to enroll for a share of our seafood at
  2. 2 Instruct friends to add your name when they checkout (this will enable us to process your rebate) and to use the code FRIENDS2020 for $25 off.
Enter referring friend at checkout
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. 3 Each of your friends will get $25 off their share, and you’ll get a $25 rebate for every referral, up to the price of your share.

Social Sharing Tool

If you need any help spreading the word via social media channels, we have provided a handy-dandy social sharing tool. We know what you're thinking: “I want that prize box of fish! I’m going to share this via Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter!!" If that’s you, then we have you covered. Share away…

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New & Returning Members

If you have yet to sign up for your 2020 share, no big deal. In fact, you can take $25 off your share with code TAF25OFF. Once you enroll in our 2020 CSF you immediately qualify to be a part of the Tell-a-Friend promotion. Click on the button to join in on the fun!