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Premium Wild Caught Seafood from Alaskan Fishermen to your Door

We are confident we deliver the most beautiful and tasty pieces of seafood you have ever tried and we are happy to let you see it with this trial box
Your box will include wild Alaska rockfish and coho salmon, which are high in healthy omega-3 fats, and essential vitamins and minerals
restaurantDon’t take our word for it - try it! You will immediately notice the difference in fresh from the ocean smell, taste, and texture
local_shipping6 to 12 oz portions, frozen, vacuum sealed, delivered directly to your door
attach_moneyApproximately $12 dollars per portion which is about the same as an average fast-food sandwich
sailingResponsibly sourced by our trusted partners in Alaska and caught sustainably using low impact gear
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1. You purchase 3 pounds of salmon and rockfish in this trial box

2. We deliver to your door within 7 days

3. You cook amazing dinners with our high quality fish

4. Three weeks later you automatically become a premium subscriber

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What is in a subscription membership

At least 4.5 lbs of wild-caught Alaska seafood

Our monthly curated subscription box containing responsibly harvested premium species like halibut, king salmon, albacore tuna, crab and spot shrimp

Sustainable seafood harvested from responsibly managed fisheries. We curate box contents from month to month based on what the ocean provides–providing you with fresh discoveries and a variety of species for your culinary adventures

If you don't like a curated box we put together for you, skip the month and pick from our member exclusive single species boxes

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