2021 Harvest Log

What's in My Box?

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Below you'll find a log of our monthly seafood deliveries for each share subscription.

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Premium Sitka Seafood Share

April through July you can expect larger portions of sablefish, halibut, cod with smaller portions of crab while August through December has larger portions of sockeye, coho, king salmon, albacore tuna and smaller portions of sablefish, halibut, and cod
The fish included in each monthly box depends on the fishing season and where fishermen are able to fish. Since our fishermen catch fish seasonally and within the limits of what the ocean provides, we offer projections for what our fishermen will catch rather than guarantees. Flexibility is key to our community supported fishery (CSF), and we are always striving to deliver the best seafood to our members.

Projected Harvest

Wild N. Pacific Albacore Tuna

Wild N. Pacific Albacore Tuna

  • ~6-16-ounce portions, frozen, vacuum-sealed, boneless
  • Caught using low-impact hook-and-line fishing gear off the coasts of Oregon and Washington
  • Frozen on the fishing boat and cut while frozen (for maximum quality) at our trusted partner facility in Bellingham, Washington

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Wild Alaska Spot Shrimp

Wild Alaska Spot Shrimp

  • Also known as "spot prawns"
  • 1lb packages, frozen, ice-glazed, head-off, shell on
  • Caught using low-impact shrimp pots in Southeast Alaska
  • Frozen on the fishing boat, at our company-owned facility in Sitka, Alaska, or by our trusted partner facility in Southeast Alaska

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Wild Alaska Halibut

Wild Alaska Halibut

  • ~6-12oz portions, frozen, vacuum-sealed, boneless
  • Caught using low-impact, hook-and-line fishing jig and longline fishing gear in Southeast Alaska and near Kodiak, Alaska
  • Filletted and frozen at our company-owned facility in Sitka, Alaska, or by our trusted partner facilities in Kodiak or Southeast Alaska

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Know Your Fishermen

Sitka Salmon Shares is built around a humble collective of committed fishermen that put quality first and handle their fish with respect and care. It’s their livelihood after all, and many of our fishermen have been using these fishing methods for generations.

Our fishermen-owners and our fish plant in Sitka are critical to our mission as a values-driven community supported fishery (CSF). We also work with a network of trusted partners and other small-boat fishermen because not all types of fish we offer are caught in our home port of Sitka. For example, sockeye salmon prefer the extensive networks of streams and lakes found in places like Bristol Bay in Southwest Alaska versus the mountainous rainforest surrounding Sitka in Southeast Alaska.

Get to know your fleet of small-boat fishermen and our trusted partners here >