Our Fishermen

Know Your Fishermen

Sitka Salmon Shares is built around a collective of committed fishermen and trusted partners that put quality first and handle fish one at a time with respect and care. It’s their livelihood after all, and many of our fishermen have been using these highly selective, small-batch fishing methods for generations. Read on to get to know your fishermen — from how they got started, why they love life on the open water, and why they are part of Sitka Salmon Shares.



Wild-caught Alaska king salmon and coho salmon from the Reynolds family of fishermen
Wild caught Alaska king salmon and coho salmon from fisherman Drew Terhaar
Wild caught Alaska king salmon, coho salmon, and lingcod from small-boat fisherman Joe Daniels
Fisherman Joe Daniels catches wild Alaska halibut, sablefish (black cod), spot shrimp, king salmon, and coho salmon on his fishing boat
Sockeye salmon, halibut, and spot shrimp are all wild caught in Alaska by legendary fisherman John Skeele
Marsh Skeele is Sitka Salmon Shares' co-founder and a fisherman catching wild Alaska king salmon and coho salmon
Wild caught Alaska black rockfish, dusky rockfish, and Pacific cod by fisherman Ryan Horwath
Wild caught, hook and line Alaska king salmon, coho salmon, and keta salmon from fisherman Karl Jordan
Wild caught Alaska king salmon, rockfish, and lingcod from small boat fisherman Eric Jordan
Eric Holmlund catches the best wild Alaska rockfish and spot shrimp aboard his small boat fishing vessel!
Wild caught Alaska coho salmon, keta salmon, and lingcod, expertly caught by Casey aboard his traditional fishing boat
Cale Laduke catches the best wild king salmon, coho salmon, and sablefish (black cod) that Alaska has to offer
Wild caught Alaska king salmon, coho salmon, and keta salmon. Premium quality from fisherman Brett Zaenglein
Wild caught, premium quality Alaska king salmon, coho salmon, and keta salmon from fisherman Lance McCutcheon
Wild caught Alaska Dusky rockfish, black rockfish (black bass), and Pacific cod from fisherman Darius Kasprzak
Premium quality wild Alaska caught king salmon, coho salmon, keta salmon, rockfish, and halibut from fisherman Jeff Farvour
The Carpeter family catches premium quality, wild Alaska halibut, Pacific cod, and rockfish. They're a family of fishermen from Kodiak, Alaska.
I started trolling Patience with just a handful of days’ experience in the fishery aboard friends’ vessels.
Zachary Olson, F/V Sassy, aluminum power troll, 38 ft
Stanley Lopata and Sage Lopata, F/V Dixie II, 1926 wooden troller, 42 ft
Glenn Crocetti, F/V Maranatha

Trusted Partners

We work with a network of trusted partners to source seafood from Sitka and around Alaska as well as the Pacific Northwest. This is because not all types of seafood that we offer are caught in our home port of Sitka. For example, sockeye salmon prefer rivers and lakes like those in Bristol Bay in Southwest Alaska. Whichever species of seafood you receive, whether it’s rockfish from Kodiak or spot shrimp from Petersburg, we can guarantee that it’s high quality seafood caught sustainably from a responsibly managed fishery and that the name printed on your packaging allows you to trace your fish back to the source of your seafood.

Get to know the source of our fish and our great partners a bit more below!

Our Trusted Partners:

Alaska Glacier Seafoods

Juneau, Alaska

Owned and operated by the Erickson family, Alaska Glacier Seafoods is committed to responsible harvesting that leads to high-quality, wild Alaska seafood. We work with Alaska Glacier Seafoods to bring our members Pacific cod, salmon burger, halibut burger, and Bairdi crab from the southeast waters north of Sitka around the state capital of Juneau, Alaska.

Copper River Seafoods

Anchorage, Alaska

Copper River Seafoods was founded in 1996 by merging three fisherman-owned direct marketing entities into one. Initially focused on maximizing the value of the salmon resource from its namesake and renowned Copper River, the company has diversified and grown into a buyer and processor of numerous seafood species across diverse regions of Alaska. With processing plants located in Cordova, Anchorage, Naknek (Bristol Bay), Kenai, Togiak, and Kotzebue, the company is recognized today as a premier producer of Alaska seafood with a deep commitment to the state of Alaska.

Fish From Trish

Ketchikan, Alaska

After fishing in Alaska for many years, Trish Pearson started Fish From Trish, a local Ketchikan processing plant to help quality-minded fishermen get their fish out to select markets. Trish hails from Galesburg, Illinois, home to Sitka Salmon Shares’ Midwest packing facility. Her Midwestern sensibility translates into care for the fish and the fishermen who harvest them. We partner with Fish From Trish to provide Alaska spot shrimp that thrive around the fishing grounds south of Sitka.

Haines Packing Co.

Haines, Alaska

Established in 1917, Haines Packing Co. is the longest continually running seafood processor in Southeast Alaska and has been family-run for generations. We work with Haines Packing to provide our members with Dungeness crab as well as salmon from the side-by-side Chilkat and Chilkoot watersheds, which produce the largest runs of sockeye in Southeast Alaska and also support coho and keta runs.

Kodiak Fresh Seafood

Kodiak, Alaska

Locally owned and operated, Kodiak Fresh Seafood strives to offer essential seafood processing services to local Kodiak fishermen. This partner custom processes rockfish and Pacific cod from our fleet of Kodiak fishermen-owners and partner fishermen on behalf of Sitka Salmon Shares.

Kodiak Island WildSource

Kodiak, Alaska

Kodiak Island WildSource is a quality-focused seafood processor in the rich western Gulf of Alaska waters and is 100%-owned by the Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak Island. The Sun'aq Tribe is an Alutiiq tribe whose roots on Kodiak Island and the surrounding Alaska Peninsula date back over 8,000 years. This tribal enterprise custom processes rockfish and Pacific cod from our fleet of Kodiak fishermen-owners and partner fishermen on behalf of Sitka Salmon Shares.

Northline Seafoods

Bristol Bay and Sitka, Alaska

Northline Seafoods specializes in processing salmon from the sockeye capital of the world in Bristol Bay. The company uses innovative technology that allows them to freeze fish at ultra-low temperatures on a floating barge on the fishing grounds. Northline’s president, Ben Blakey, describes this process in I Speak For the Fish. This partnership allows us to provide our members premium sockeye salmon from the world-class rivers of Bristol Bay.

Yakobi Fisheries

Pelican, Alaska

Yakobi Fisheries is family owned and located in the tiny Southeast Alaska town of Pelican. The business is owned by Seth and Anna Stewart. After growing up in Pelican, fishing for over 20 years, and learning what fresh, wild fish can do for quality of life, Seth had the dream of getting people the highest quality salmon possible. Our partnership with Yakobi helps us source salmon and rockfish for our members from the waters north of Sitka.