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Our Fishermen

Know Your Fishermen

Sitka Salmon Shares is built around a humble collective of committed fishermen that put quality first, handling fish one at a time, with respect and care. It’s their livelihood, afterall, and many of our fishermen have been using these highly selective, small-batch fishing methods for generations. Read on to know your fishermen—from how they got started, why they love life on the open water and why they are part of Sitka Salmon Shares.



Isaac and Bridget Reynolds
Mark and Dawn Young
Chelsea and Dustin McLeod
Drew Terhaar
Joe Daniels
Stu Weathers
John Skeele
Marsh Skeele
Ryan Horwath
Karl Jordan
Eric Jordan
Eric Holmlund
Casey DiGennaro and Allie Spurlock
Cale Laduke
Brett Zaenglein
Lance McCutcheon
Darius Kasprzak
Tamara and Frank Kyle
Jeff Farvour
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