How it Works

You enroll

Our Community Supported Fishery (CSF) is a members-based organization that allows you to purchase a “share” of the harvest of one of our independent, small-boat family fishermen. You enroll at 3-, 7-, or 9-month intervals. Each share includes a specific selection of the species that we harvest. In 2018, these species include wild Alaskan king salmon, sockeye salmon, coho salmon, keta salmon, lingcod, black bass, black cod, Pacific cod, yelloweye, dusky rockfish, spot prawns, Dungeness crab, albacore, and halibut.

You have the option of paying for your share in full at the beginning of the season or spreading out your payments through monthly installments. Prices range from $15 to $25 per pound, depending on the species you choose and the quantity you buy.

As a member, you’ll also have access to special sales, discounted annual enrollments, monthly newsletters, recipes, BBQs, salmon bakes, cooking classes, fishermen events, and our exclusive pop-up dinners with celebrated Midwestern chefs.

Fishermen catch your fish

One of our 20 fishermen-owners or partner fishermen then catch your fish. Our fishermen meticulously catch and handle each fish with care virtually unheard of in the world of large factory boats and corporate-owned fish farms. Your fish are then landed in either Sitka at our small company-owned processing plant, or one of our partner docks in Alaska. There they are filleted and cut into portions of about 1 pound, give or take a few ounces. Each fillet is then individually vacuum-sealed and blast-frozen to -60 degrees Fahrenheit before being shipped to the Midwest. Meanwhile, your Dungeness crabs are broken into clusters of legs and claws, cooked, and glazed, while your spot prawns are headed, glazed, blast-frozen, and packed in bags of about 2 pounds. Once your fish arrives in the Midwest, we contact you via email to clarify your delivery window. We then box up your share of our fishermen’s harvest, taking care to make sure you know who caught your fish, where, and when.

We home deliver

Every month during fishing season, you get a box of wild Alaskan seafood hand-delivered right to your door by one of our affable and well-mannered Sitka Salmon Stewards or our friends of Fed Ex. In keeping with our guiding principles, Sitka Salmon Shares returns 1 percent of all CSF-related revenue back to fisheries conservation and habitat protection efforts, and we pay to offset all carbon that is released in our Alaska-to-Midwest distribution system. Our fishermen-owners receive a fairer wage for a day’s work, and together, we make the entire system more transparent and accountable, from the moment your fish is caught to the moment you sit down with your friends and family to enjoy the best fish you’ve ever tasted.

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