We're Really Fishing Promise

At Sitka Salmon Shares, we think there’s a better way to harvest and consume seafood. That better way begins with the small scale family fishermen who harvest fish in traditional fishing communities and ends with a community of conscious consumers who believe in supporting the efforts of this type of fleet.

We believe in the myriad benefits of our system, which include healthier oceans, stronger fishing communities, fairer working conditions for traditional small boat family fishermen, and, of course, tastier fish for you and your family.

What is more difficult for us to promise is exact poundage and precise species mixes in our community supported fishery (CSF). For us to promise these would endanger many of the benefits at the core of our system. Even with the best management and science, sometimes wild fish don’t show up as planned, especially as climate change continues to transform our oceans. Pushing our fishermen to harvest fish that just aren’t there, or, worse, buying from an untrusted supplier in order to fill an order just doesn’t sit right with us. We hope you agree.

What we can promise you is this:

  • You will receive between 4.5 and 5 pounds of fish a month, depending on market and fishing conditions. Family Shares will receive a multiple of 2. Neighborhood Shares will receive a multiple of 3.
  • Your fish will be caught with love and care by small-boat family fishermen, many of whom are owners of the company, and all of whom take great pride in harvesting you the best fish.
  • You will be completely satisfied with anything and everything you receive from us. If you aren’t, just let us know and we’ll refund your purchase price or replace your fish with something you’d be happier with that we catch.

That’s our We’re Really Fishing Promise.