Behind The Wild

Welcome to Behind the Wild, an educational web series that brings you closer to the source of your seafood. The series will feature experts on the community supported fishery model from Sitka Salmon Shares and our friends in small-scale fisheries. Take a quick break from your day and join us for a chance to go Behind the Wild.

Past Behind the Wild Events

Transforming Our Seafood System:
The Current State of Fisheries and Benefits of the CSF Model

Small-scale fisheries face increasing pressure from globalization, the effects of climate change, COVID-19, commercial fishing consolidation, and more. Our opening session for Behind the Wild will examine how the CSF model is well suited to handle these dynamics. Members will leave the webinar with a better understanding of the current state of fisheries, the CSF model, and how we balance a variety of factors in determining what goes in your 2021 shares. Featured presenters include Sitka Salmon Shares Co-founder Nic Mink, and from our Alaska-based staff Chief Fisheries Officer Kelly Harrell, and Fisheries Science and Policy Director Michael Kohan.

The Last and Largest:
Exploring the Tongass National Forest with feature film Understory

Understory, a film about the Tongass National Forest

In honor of Earth Day, we explored Alaska’s Tongass National Forest, the world’s last and largest temperate rainforest and nursery to Southeast Alaska’s salmon. Following a young fisherman, Elsa Sebastian, Understory takes us on a 350-mile coastal expedition of last stands of old-growth trees. Joined by biologist Dr. Natalie Dawson and botanical illustrator Mara Menahan, the three women confront the destruction of clearcut logging and document the wild beauty of an ancient ecosystem.

Watch the trailer

Help take action to offer permanent protections for the Tongass:

Sitka Salmon Shares along with the Last Stands project team, Wild Confluence, Patagonia, Audubon Alaska, Peak Design, and The Wilderness Society are gathering signatures to reinstate roadless protections on 9.4 million acres of the Tongass National Forest. Every voice and signature matters.

Sign the petition to be sent to the Biden-Harris administration.

Join our CSF! When you enroll in our CSF, you not only receive premium wild-caught seafood, but you also support important conservation efforts, like protecting the Tongass, through our 1% for the Wild fund. Like 1% for the Planet, yet distinctly our own, we use 1% for the Wild to invest 1% of our annual gross revenue into Alaska fisheries conservation, habitat protection, and other efforts to ensure the vitality of small-scale fishing fleets and the values-based local seafood movement in the United States.