A Wild Seafood Lovers Gift Guide for Father's Day

By The Culinary Team

A Wild Seafood Lovers Gift Guide for Father's Day
Illustration by Libby Geboy

Go Wild this Father's Day

A Wild Seafood Lovers Gift Guide for Father's Day | Sitka Salmon Shares

How do you like to celebrate the fathers in your life? Whether you are searching for a gift for dad this Father's Day or, as a dad, you want to treat yourself to something special, our culinary team has curated a gift guide perfect for seafood loving dads everywhere.


A freezer full of premium, wild seafood from small-boat fishermen in Alaska is the perfect gift for the dad in your life. Let dad sample Sitka Salmon Shares with a one-time box or make sure the freezer is always full with a subscription. Either way, Sitka Salmon Shares has you covered.


Whether you are in the kitchen or at the dinner table, a reliable squeeze bottle is a luxury. You can also reduce packaging waste and save money by buying refills in bulk.


Photo by Jonathan Wlasiuk

There are few things as satisfying as having just the right tool for the job. Whether your dad prefers to cook over the stovetop or grill, a good fish spatula will serve them well. Designed to be light and flexible, fish spatulas give you more control than their square, bulky counterparts. Because they are made of stainless steel, we do not recommend fish spatulas for use on non-stick pans and you should avoid washing your wooden-handled utensils in the dishwasher.


I'm not sure if there is anything else I look for more often in the kitchen than salt. A handsome, reliable salt box will serve your home chef time and again.


Photo by Luke Porter

If you've done any amount of baking you know that ingredient lists don't always use volume for measurements. An electronic scale will make sure dad gets every gram of flavor in the next meal.

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