What's Cookin'

May 2019

What's Cookin'

Mom and Kid Friendly Cookin'

Happy May, fellow Salmonsharesians! In this month’s culinary newsletter, we are honoring mothers (and our fisher-moms!) with fish recipes that are both adult and kid-friendly. What’s that you say? Kids don’t like fish? Here at Sitka Salmon Shares, we heartily disagree. Our fish is blast frozen at peak freshness, smells like the ocean, and tastes clean and delicious. It flies in the face of all of those "fishy" smells and tough textures that give fish a bad rap and make kids go "pee-ew"!

We would contend that fish is the perfect ingredient for a family friendly meal. It is healthy, quick to prepare, delicious, and is accommodating of any flavor profile you can think of. And, because simplicity reigns supreme when working with high-quality fish, clean up can be a breeze.

May's What's Cookin' brings you a culinary roadmap for family-friendly fish cooking that will have the whole table begging for seconds. From tips and tricks to streamline your fish cooking, to exclusive new recipes not seen in your CSF delivery, to seasonal vegetable suggestions and more, this blog makes cooking your share easy. Heck, we think it will even make it fun!

- the Sitka Salmon Shares Culinary Team

Cooking Tips

  • Get the kids involved

    Kids can get involved and learn key cooking skills by getting their hands dirty mixing, battering, and helping prep ingredients. Just make sure they wash their hands first!!

  • Separate out intense flavors

    Don’t want to miss out on “adult” flavors because the kids protest? Take them out of the main dishes and serve them as garnishes and toppings.

  • Wrap it up

    Fish is a perfect filling for sandwiches, burgers, tacos, and enchiladas. Just add some seasoning, a wrap, and condiments and you have an easy, fun kids meal.

  • Make Clean up a breeze

    For quick cleanup, use the same pan to cook fish and accompanying vegetables, or line baking dishes with aluminum foil or parchment paper.

Culinary Corner

Liz Della Croce

Liz Della Croce is a friend of Sitka Salmon Shares and a successful food, travel and weight loss blogger over at thelemonbowl.com. She has over 1200 delicious and healthy recipes, practical travel guides for around the US and beyond, and offers free resources for weight loss, fitness and nutrition. She’s an inspiration to us all, and we love what she offers to the community. Check out her kid-friendly recipe below for baked fish sticks, and head on over to her website for more inspirational content!

Boat Deck Cookin'

- with Chelsea Mcleod -

We gave fisherwoman Chelsea Mcleod of the F/V Lorelai Bell a surprise member recipe... and she nailed it!

We present to you the Boat Deck Cookin' series, in which our fishermen cook surprise recipes. This month's recipe pairs delectable black cod (sablefish) with red chermoula sauce, a recipe from Chicago CSF member and certified "sauce boss," Mike Rosenholtz. Sauce recipe available here.


What's Growin'

We love pairing our fish with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

These veggies are in season, so if you see them at the grocery store or farmers' market, grab them!