What's Cookin'

June 2019

What's Cookin'

Summertime Spotlight

Well folks, we made it! We made it through what can only be described as a merciless winter followed by a tempestuous spring, and are now sitting on the other side, looking out at blue skies and 80 degree days. Months of lazy afternoons, bbqs, and weekend trips stretch out in front of us, and we are absolutely giddy over it! The summer also marks the heart of our seafood delivery, where we catch and send you heavy hitters such as halibut, black bass, and, of course, salmon!

Over the coming months we’ll be focusing on summer inspirations for your fish preparations as we continue to give you the tools you need to make sure every dish you make is a crowd-pleaser. This month we bring you recipes that feature the best of summer produce. All of the recipes included are versatile and can be scaled up to feed a crowd at a summer dinner party, or made for a simple weeknight meal.

We’d also be remiss if we didn’t encourage you to bring along a taste of Alaska on your next venture outdoors. We think there is nothing better than grilling or cooking fish over an open-flame (our co-founder Marsh Skeele is famous for his outdoor cooking parties!), and the summer months are the perfect time to get out there. Our fillets are conveniently packaged so you can throw them in a cooler on your way out the door to a weekend camping trip. So pack the family up, light up your campfire, and bring Alaska to your next nature experience!

- the Sitka Salmon Shares Culinary Team

Cooking Tips

  • Go Bold

    Don’t shy away from bold flavors such as spice rubs, and high heat preparations like grilling and broiling. Your fish can take the heat (literally!), so experiment with flavor and preparation combinations.

  • Cook Outside

    No need to stay inside slaving away over a hot stove or oven in these summer months. Bring along a cast iron pan to cook your fish over a campfire on your next weekend trip, or throw your meatier fish on the grill.

  • Make it a Party

    All the recipes in this edition can be scaled up easily to accommodate an al fresco dinner party. Make the sides ahead of time and cook the fish right before dinner, and your guests will be happy campers.

  • Take Advantage of the Summer Bounty

    Summer months bring out the crowd favorites of fresh fruits and veggies. If you see any of the produce in our What’s Growin’ section at the market, make sure to grab some to pair with your fish.

Culinary Corner

Peter Block

This month we reintroduce to you Peter Block, a prolific recipe developer and the mastermind behind Feed Your Soul Too, a food blog that focuses on accessible and healthy recipes for the home cook. Peter is a longtime friend of Sitka Salmon Shares; he’s been a member since 2017, and his Cast-Iron Skillet Salmon Vesuvio was a hit with our members when we featured it in our 2018 recipe cards. This month he is sharing his summer-inspired Sundried Tomato Pesto Black Bass with Roasted Red-Pepper Zoodles recipe, which we think is the perfect dish to kick-off the summer months. Check that recipe out below, and also go to Feed Your Soul Too for more recipes featuring Sitka Salmon Shares fish and many other recipes that will fit any diet or culinary preferences.

Boat Deck Cookin'

- with Bridget Reynolds -

What happens when you give a fisherman (and fisher-toddler) a surprise recipe? We present to you the Boat Deck Cookin' series, in which our fishermen cook surprise recipes.

This month, meet Bridget Reynolds and Clayton Robert "Big Boy" Reynolds while learning how to make a delicious smoked salmon chowder. Link to the full recipe here!


Member social media posts we love

Albacore Tuna Tataki Salmon with Cauliflower Mash Roasted Salmon with Grapefruit Avocado Salsa

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What's Growin'

We love pairing our fish with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

These veggies are in season, so if you see them at the grocery store or farmers market, grab them!

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