Tamara and Frank Kyle

Know Your Fishermen

Tamara and Frank Kyle

Fishing Vessel: Nona S

Target Species: King salmon, coho salmon

The F/V Nona S

The Kyle's fishing vessel, the Nona S

Fun Fact

When she’s not fishing, Tamara Kyle is a jewelry artist. Take a look at her handcrafted, ocean-inspired collection!

About the Kyle Family

Frank and Tamara Kyle, along with their two daughters and dogs, make up the crew of their 53-foot salmon schooner Nona S. Year-round Sitka residents, they spend a large portion of each year trolling in pursuit of wild Alaskan salmon. Frank and Tamara grew up fishing and the way of life that fishing represents runs deep for both of them.

Frank, born and raised in Sitka, spent the first 10 years of his life aboard a troller/longliner, the Portlock, fishing with family and crew. He worked at a local seafood processor as a teenager, spent some time shrimping, working on a tender, and crabbing out west. He bought his first hand-troller, the Miss Tyann, in his twenties.

Captain Frank Kyle with daughters

Frank Kyle and daughters

Tam (as she is known) is a second-generation fisherman and spent her summers fishing out of Sitka on the F/V Ida Lee. (Fun fact: you might recognize the F/V Ida Lee boat name as it’s captained by Sitka Salmon Shares fisherman Brett Zaenglein).

“I was brought up eating the food I now sell,” Tam says.

Tamara Kyle

Tamara Kyle

Frank and Tam teamed up in 2009 when they began fishing together. They spent a grueling three and a half years restoring the Nona S, then got married just a few days before their boat took it’s long-awaited splash back into the water. “If we could build a boat together, we were invincible!” Tam reflected on the decision.

The family loves fishing and the subsistence lifestyle provided by the sea and wilderness of southeast Alaska. Harvesting, hunting, and beachcombing are among their favorite activities and they feel fortunate to have a career that intertwines these elements while also providing the inspiration to create.

Tamara’s special talents include making delicious fermented foods and she’s also a jewelry artist who handcrafts beautiful glass fishing-float earrings. “As fishermen we follow the fish, much like a glass float we move with the tides and weather patterns, eventually finding a bay to slip into for safekeeping.” Check out her online store to bring a little bit of her passion for the sea home to you!

If you’re interested in a share of the Kyle's seafood harvest this Alaskan fishing season, feel free to enroll. Frank and Tamara will be catching us premium, hook and line king and coho salmon this season!

The Kyle Family
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