Our 2021 Community Supported Fishery

A message from our CEO and Co-Founder, Nic Mink

Our 2021 Community Supported Fishery

Dear Community Supported Fishery Members and Friends,

We now find ourselves at the tail end of a wild season. Our salmon harvest is nearly wrapped up. We follow that up with a return to the water for a little more halibut and black cod alongside our fall Dungeness crab and spot shrimp fishery. Upon completing fishing, we pull our gear from the water, wrap up our December deliveries, and take a much needed break until we begin fishing in earnest in March and delivering that harvest to you in April.

As a community, we supported 50+ small-boat fishermen, half of them owners of our company, through a season that was beyond challenging. The economic and regulatory changes wrought by the pandemic turned fisheries on their head. And yet through it all, we were able to provide consistent, fair, and above industry standard prices for our fleet. Captain Drew Terhaar said it well in a word of gratitude to our members on our private Facebook page a few weeks back. I thought I’d share it here:

Thanks to Sitka Salmon Shares and all of you members the season was a successful one! The season absolutely would not have been without the premium price paid to the fishermen of Sitka Salmon Shares. Many other fishermen in Sitka had to watch helplessly as the markets for their fish were destroyed by coronavirus, especially those who typically depended on fish sales to restaurants or to Asia.

So the Captain and crew of the F/V Audacious just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you members for your help in making this unusual season a successful one.

-Drew Terhaar, F/V Audacious

As we look ahead, we find ourselves (like the rest of the world) changed radically by the events that transpired in 2020, but we are ever more committed to the project of improving the lives of small-boat fishermen who, in return, delivered to us fish of unbeatable quality and caught and delivered them with care, respect, and dignity.

As we look ahead I would like to personally welcome you to the early sign-up period for the 11th season of our community supported fishery. You can view our offerings here. It will be an exciting year with a few important additions and changes. We’ll be pushing into an even more seasonal and dynamic model, which allows our fishermen to harvest when the fish are available and then, for us to deliver them more swiftly to your doorstep. We’ll also be launching a new whitefish-only CSF option for our many supporters who enjoy fish like halibut, black cod, Pacific cod, and rockfish, and who would rather forgo salmon.

f you are planning to be with us in 2021, we kindly ask that you re-enroll again during our early sign-up period. The benefits are myriad for you, us, and our fleet. For our fleet members, your early sign-up can provide them much needed capital to do offseason boat projects and gives them the assurance they have a secure and appreciative market to sell their fish. For our company, your early sign-up helps us plan our harvest. Unlike other fish companies who grow themselves by increasing their orders from large (usually) multinational processors, we grow by bringing new small-boat fishermen into our company. This is one of the most rewarding things we do as a company—supporting the livelihoods of traditional family fishermen. But it is also time-consuming and takes lots and lots of planning. This year, as an added benefit to you, we are offering an opportunity to win the share you select for free as a thank you for making the commitment for next season.

In the Wildness We Find Ourselves In,

Nic Mink
CEO and Co-Founder

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