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Get Creative in Your Kitchen with these Delicious Seafood Recipes

Get Creative in Your Kitchen with these Delicious Seafood Recipes

Our culinary team’s perfect picks for the Freezer Collection

Get Creative in Your Kitchen with these Delicious Seafood Recipes | Sitka Salmon Shares

Look no further for a collection of our culinary team’s recent top picks for highlighting your wild-caught seafood. Inspired by our Freezer offerings and perfect for the amateur or expert home cook, these recipes were curated with one thing in mind: making delicious seafood dishes.

Pacific Cod Box

From meatless Monday to Friday night fish fry, we’ve got you covered all week long with recipes for the Pacific Cod Box.

Meal plan for Pacific cod: Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, Fish Curry Wednesday, Sheet Pan Thursday, Friday Fish Fry

Pro tip: Pacific cod is prone to releasing liquid in the pan so be sure to really pat the fish dry and add to preheated pan with plenty of oil or fat.

Bairdi Crab Box

Bairdi, sometimes called tanner, snow, or queen crab has a sweet, pronounced crab flavor with succulent, tender meat from the legs and claws and large meaty lumps from the body. The Bairdi Crab Box arrives already steamed and ready to eat, and only needs to be reheated to be enjoyed to its fullest.

The easiest way to prepare bairdi is to steam it and serve with melted butter, but there are loads of other preparations that are simple and satisfying. Check these out!

Dungeness Crab Box

The Dungeness Crab Box includes pre-steamed “half-backed” clusters, meaning we’ve removed the mid-section, leaving only the meaty legs and claws. If you need instructions for deconstructing your dungy, follow our step-by-step photo instructions in this guide. Grab your claw-crackers and wooden mallets, set the table with newspaper and sauces, and enjoy the sweet meat of these crabs.

More recipes for all of our Freezer offerings can be found on our recipe page here.