Try 3 species of salmon with our Salmon Sampler — available in the Freezer

Get Creative in Your Kitchen with these Delicious Seafood Recipes

Get Creative in Your Kitchen with these Delicious Seafood Recipes

Our culinary team’s perfect picks for the Freezer Collection

Get Creative in Your Kitchen with these Delicious Seafood Recipes | Sitka Salmon Shares

Look no further for a collection of our culinary team’s recent top picks for highlighting your wild-caught seafood. Inspired by our Freezer offerings and perfect for the amateur or expert home cook, these recipes were curated with one thing in mind: making delicious seafood dishes.

Salmon Sampler

The Salmon Sampler includes beautiful, artisanally filleted pieces of Sitka coho, keta, and Bristol Bay sockeye. Even though each salmon species has unique qualities, they are interchangeable in most recipes, including the ones we’ve listed below. If you haven’t eaten all that yummy salmon yet, consider warming up your winter evenings with Potato and Leek Soup with Salmon or spice it up with our taco and bagel recipes.

Pro tip: Keta salmon is leaner and will cook faster than sockeye and coho — adjust cooking time accordingly and watch the fillets carefully.

Dungeness Crab Box

The Dungeness Crab Box includes pre-steamed “half-backed” clusters, meaning we’ve removed the mid-section, leaving only the meaty legs and claws. If you need instructions for deconstructing your dungy, follow our step-by-step photo instructions in this guide. Grab your claw-crackers and wooden mallets, set the table with newspaper and sauces, and enjoy the sweet meat of these crabs.

King Salmon Box

One of the original species offered from Sitka Salmon Shares, king salmon is forever one of our favorites. The King Salmon Box includes beautiful fillets of our richest salmon, full of flavor and heart-healthy fats. If you haven’t devoured all the salmon in your box yet, our culinary team has some recommendations for this royal salmon.

White Fish Box (SOLD OUT)

The White Fish Sampler included beautiful, artisanally filleted pieces of halibut, lingcod, and rockfish. One of the most popular Freezer boxes, it sold out in four days! If you haven’t already eaten all the delicate fish, consider warming up with a comforting curry dish or spice up your Taco Tuesday with fish tacos.

Salmon Burger Sampler (SOLD OUT)

With the Salmon Burger Box, cooking tip-to-tail means using all the available meat on the salmon, even the little bit of meat left behind after removing the main fillets. We call it burger meat, but it’s also called spoon meat for the preferred utensil used to remove the tender flesh. It’s ideal for patties of all shapes and sizes, ready to be rolled into sushi, or sautéed in a flash for weekday taco night.

Albacore Tuna Box (SOLD OUT)

Our Albacore Tuna Box contained beautifully hand-cut tuna fillets. Each tuna yields four fillets, two along the back and two on the belly. All four are identical in shape, taste, and culinary affinity. Our albacore is sashimi-grade — perfect for sushi or achieving that restaurant-aesthetic with just a thin sear around a rare interior.

Smoked Salmon & Lox Box (SOLD OUT)

Whether you’re trying our cold smoked sockeye salmon lox and hot smoked coho salmon fillets for the first time or returning to a favorite, our culinary team is here with some recipe suggestions for your cooking adventures with mouthwatering recipe suggestions.

You might notice that a lot of our recipes for smoked salmon are combined with others of our fish species, but both are great on their own, on a bagel, or used for your favorite fish dip.