Announcing our 10th CSF Season

Another Year, Another Fishing Adventure!

Announcing our 10th CSF Season

Dear Members and Friends,

Welcome to the launch of our 2020 community supported fishery (CSF) season! As our co-founder and CEO, Nic Mink, wrote last week, we’re incredibly excited to be launching our 10th season at Sitka Salmon Shares.

Changes to our 2020 CSF

We've got a few very important changes to tell you about:

First, in a move to ensure transparency of product, we’re moving to the FDA-approved names for black cod, which you’ll now see as sablefish; black bass, which you’ll now see as black rockfish; and spot shrimp, which you’ll now see as spot shrimp. In the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, the terms black cod, black bass, and spot shrimp are the dominant names for these fish. At the sometime, we believe it's now best to move to names that more fully reflect federal regulations.

Second, you’ll notice a few modifications to our 2020 CSF offerings—the Premium Sitka Seafood Share, the Sitka Seafood Share, the Sitka Salmon Share, and the Taste of Summer Share. Here they are:

Premium Sitka Seafood Share

9 months | April-December

This offering has stayed the same in price and largely stayed the same in product. It has the largest mix (double that of the Sitka Seafood Share) of our premium fish like sablefish (black cod), halibut, and king salmon. You’ll notice that it’s the only CSF share that includes Copper River sockeye, sashimi-grade albacore, and spot shrimp. This CSF offering is now, by far, our most popular and also our best value.

Sitka Seafood Share

7 months | May-November

Last year, we called this share the Premium Sitka Seafood Sampler. It included a "sample" of our premium species like king salmon, halibut, and sablefish (black cod). While we did pretty well on king salmon, our sablefish (black cod) and halibut fisheries were challenging. The way we allocated the fish between the Premium Sitka Seafood Sampler and the Premium Sitka Seafood Share left a lot to be desired for many of our members. This year, we’ve changed the name to the Sitka Seafood Share and will be working diligently to develop fishing capacity to ensure a larger mix of these most prized-species. There is a price increase of $10/month for this CSF share, but the entirety of that increase is going towards growing the poundage of our most-prized species in these boxes.

Sitka Salmon Share

4 months | August-November

The classic—salmon lover’s paradise! This year, however, the realities of fishing conditions have necessitated a few changes. We launched our company 10 seasons ago with this CSF offering; since that time, king salmon have become about ¼ as abundant, with a price, at times, that’s been about double what that fish fetched when we started. At the same time, coho and sockeye prices have grown about 50%, despite remaining abundant (generally). During this time, we’ve only raised the price of this share by $10/month. So this year, we’ll need to increase the price another $10/month. We’ll also be adding a new wild coho salmon to the Sitka Salmon Share mix, from the Taku River. These are some of Alaska’s largest and fattest coho, which eat like a king salmon, and we only anticipate a large enough harvest to supply this share. We haven’t done this fishery in about four years, and we’re excited to bring it back into the mix!

Taste of Summer Share

4 months | May-August

Last year, we called this CSF offering the Summer Seafood Sampler. We’ve always thought of this offering as a great introductory share for people getting acquainted with our CSF. In reviewing this offering, we also heard from members that they would like to be able to receive at least some of our most prized fish. So, though this is primarily a share that features our more abundant and affordable species, we do anticipate being able to include a meal or two of some of our higher-value seafood. This necessitates a $10/month increase to this offering.

Sitka Salmon Sustainers

Third , our final major change comes in the form of the creation of new, multi-season CSF offerings. We’re calling them Sitka Salmon Sustainers. We’ve created them not only to help support longer-term projects tied to the building of our supply chain but also to keep our “capital in the community,” so to speak. These memberships come with extra discounts on everything you purchase from us, special CSF offerings of small-catch fish, and opportunities to join us in Alaska. If you feel aligned with our values, and you’re planning to remain a CSF member in the coming years, this might be a wise investment for you. Please note: if you’re going to become a Sustainer, make sure to sign up for this multi-season CSF first so that you can use it on this year’s CSF offerings!

A group of Sitka Salmon Shares team members

We’re super excited to celebrate 10 seasons with you. We hope you can join us on another fishing adventure!

Stay wild,
-The Sitka Salmon Shares Team

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