A Statement From Sitka Salmon Shares

What we're doing to amplify Black voices during this critical time

A Statement From Sitka Salmon Shares

Dear CSF Members and Friends,

This last week, we’ve watched with heartbreak and in horror as the realities of systemic racism expose the wounds and the anguish that so many communities of color face in their everyday lives. Over this past week, we’ve also listened intently, respectfully, and humbly to Black Americans whose frustration with the brutal inequality of our current system has reached its breaking point.

The pain, the fatigue, the suffering--it has gone on too long. At Sitka Salmon Shares, we stand in solidarity with our fellow Black Americans to pursue the justice that is so long overdue. For us, a commitment to justice is core to our mission. We believe, at our core, that the current economic system--itself a legacy of slavery and colonialism as well as a construct of modern racism--is deeply unjust. It rips apart the fabric of communities; it dehumanizes people; it commodifies bodies and labor, all so that a few individuals can enrich themselves in ways that are neither decent nor fair.

But let’s make absolutely no mistake: Black Americans and their communities have felt the pain and suffering from this system acutely and profoundly. A system that values Black labor at roughly 70 percent of white labor and which has allowed Black families to amass roughly 10 percent the wealth of white families is simply indefensible.

For the next eight days, we will only be elevating Black voices on our social channels. We do so in memory of George Floyd and the thousands of other Black Americans who have lost their lives trying, solely, to live with the respect and dignity that white Americans take for granted. We also do so in solidarity and support of the ongoing battle being waged in the country against systemic racism against all communities of color, and in support of a future that recognizes that racial justice is vital to social, economic, and environmental well-being.

We’ll use the power and privilege that we have as a corporation to provide eight Black-led community groups $5,000 each day during this period so that they may use the investment to amplify their voices and strengthen their efforts in a way they see fit.

In Solidarity,
- Sitka Salmon Shares

The 8 Organizations

The Boys and Girls Club of Dane County - June 5th - Day 1

NAACP Galesburg, Illinois Chapter - June 6th - Day 2

BLOC - Black Leaders Organizing for Communities - June 7th - Day 3

My Block, My Hood, My City - June 8th - Day 4

The Progress Center for Black Women - June 9th - Day 5

The Association for Black Economic Power (ABEP) - June 10th - Day 6

Affinity - June 11th - Day 7

Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development - June 12th - Day 8

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