A message from co-founder Nic Mink on his next adventure

A message from co-founder Nic Mink on his next adventure

A personal letter to members.

A message from co-founder Nic Mink on his next adventure | Sitka Salmon Shares

Dear Members,

It’s been more than a decade since me and two of my students at Knox College brought our first load of Marsh Skeele’s wild salmon from Sitka, Alaska, back to friends in the Midwest.

Little did we know we would found a company known for delivering the very best sustainably caught wild Alaska seafood, while connecting Alaska’s fishing communities with seafood lovers across the country. Little did I know, I would step back from my career in the academic world to build a business.

This detour has been a whole lot of fun for me and building Sitka Salmon Shares has been one of the greatest honors of my life — a professional accomplishment I could hardly have imagined. And better yet: I have met so many wonderful people and learned so much more about the world of food than I could have ever dreamed as a college professor.

But as the pandemic wore on, I realized I want to get back to my academic work and spend more time with my family and friends. I’m eager to take on new passion projects that weren’t possible during the time we grew from a tiny start-up to the flourishing community Sitka Salmon Shares is today.

I leave the company in great hands and know it will continue to thrive. Over the past several months, I’ve worked with our CFO Gerardo Canales on a thoughtful transition plan for him to step into the role of CEO. He is a smart, compassionate leader who has shown incredible commitment to the company’s continued success.

Gerardo, Marsh, and the leadership team are as dedicated as ever to the values we set forth in our first season — including unparalleled quality, a steadfast commitment to environmental conservation, unwavering support for Alaska fishing communities, and an exceptional experience for members. With the support of our talented culinary and fisheries experts, Salmon Support team, and fishermen — I have no doubt Sitka Salmon Shares will continue to deliver the best-tasting, responsible seafood you can trust.

That said, I’m not going far!

I remain a member and the company’s biggest fan. The work Sitka Salmon Shares is doing to protect Alaska’s fishing resources is catching on — fishermen across Southeast Alaska are benefiting from the growing interest in sustainably caught and home-delivered wild Alaska seafood we pioneered a decade ago. Wow, just wow!

I’m grateful for the support from our members, then and now, and I’m humbled by all we’ve accomplished together.

Thank you for everything and Stay Wild!


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