Top Seafood Chef in Galesburg

Galesburg was recently treated to a special dinner with one America's top seafood chefs at our favorite local brewery, the Iron Spike.

Top Seafood Chef in Galesburg

America’s Best Seafood Chef, Beau Schooler, visited Galesburg in November 2015, treating local Salmon Shares memebers to a delightful dinner at the Iron Spike Brewing Company, which is housed in a historic fire station.

Beau is the head chef and owner of several Alaskan eateries, including the Rookery Café in Juneau. His four-course meal for the event featured spot prawn crudo, coho salmon chorizo served with Brussels sprouts, coconut braised halibut, and lime pavlova with prawn head custard for dessert. Ryan Cardwell, owner and executive chef of the Iron Spike, paired Beau’s dishes with carefully selected craft beers, including the Flatback IPA and Handcart Hefe.

Beau Schooler and Ryan Cardwell

Moreover, proceeds from the event benefited Salmon Beyond Borders, a collaboration of fishermen, community leaders, tourism and recreation business owners and concerned citizens, and Native Tribes and First Nations, that are working to sustain the Alaska/British Columbia trans-boundary rivers to preserve their jobs and way of life.

You can find the recipe for Beau’s coconut braised halibut here!