Dr. Thunder, Homegrown Tomato

Meet our Midwest Salmon Logistics Coordinator and learn how a 17-hour car ride turned into a lasting nickname!

Dr. Thunder, Homegrown Tomato

Aaron Barton—aka Dr. Thunder—operates our Galesburg warehouse. His confident, can-do attitude keeps your enrollments organized and efficient, while his relaxed, homegrown tomato demeanor adds flavor to our team!

What is your role at Sitka Salmon?

I create, execute, and manage our Galesburg warehouse system. I do a lot of packaging, shipping and receiving, and keep our warehouse up to the health code.

What drew you to Sitka Salmon?

I had Nic as a professor for a class on national parks at Knox, as well as his Alaskan politics and wildlife course, where we learned about the Alaskan fisheries and economy. I fell in love with Alaska when our class went there, and I see this as a way to keep a connection. I also think that Sitka Salmon is so unique in what it is doing, and reflects both my education and my values. Nic is also an alright guy. And I like salmon.

What’s your favorite kind of salmon?

I like the rich flavor and taste of king.

Okay, so we have to hear the story about the nickname!

People call me Dr. Thunder, Doc, Thunder, or anything that resembles those. For my national parks class we went to the Everglades, and drove from Galesburg to Florida. It’s something like 17 hours, and we were bored so someone decided that we should all get nicknames. Someone named me Dr. Thunder, and that stuck through the rest of the trip and followed me back to school. So it really just came from a bunch of college kids cramped in a van for an extremely long time.

If you could be any fruit or vegetable, what would you be and why?

Let me look in my fridge… I would probably be a tomato. But not the gross, store-bought kind. I would definitely be a homegrown tomato that actually has flavor. Or a lime, because I just love lime; I put it on everything. 

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I have random hiccups about 20 times a day. They can be loud and obnoxious, but it’s usually just one or two and then they go away. I'm also pretty good at Hacky Sack. I carry one with me whenever I travel, so I have hacked on top of pyramids in Mexico, on mountains in Alaska, and in the Florida Everglades.