1% For the Wild

Giving Back: A Core Part of Our Business 

1% For the Wild

What is it? 

Since our founding, Sitka Salmon Shares donates 1% of our company’s revenue every year to fishery conservation, habitat protection, and efforts to strengthen local communities and food systems. 

Why we created 1% For the Wild 

At Sitka Salmon Shares, we know that our company depends on the health of Alaska’s wild fisheries, marine ecosystems, and fishing communities. That’s why each year Sitka Salmon Shares returns 1% of the company’s gross revenue (that’s revenue—not profits!) back to these causes.

This commitment stems from our company’s broader goal to build a values-based seafood movement in the United States. When you subscribe to Sitka Salmon Shares you are supporting causes that work to enhance the social, ecological, and cultural fabric of our coastal communities. 

Causes we support:

  • Fishery conservation and habitat protection efforts in Alaska with a focus on the major threats of climate change and ocean acidification. 
  • Promoting sustainability, well-being, and resilience in coastal communities. 
  • Ensuring the vitality of small-scale fishing fleets and building a values-based seafood movement in the United States. 

 Organizations we've supported:

Alaska Food Policy Council 

Alaska Marine Conservation Council

Alaska Ocean Acidification Network (via the Alaska Ocean Observing System)

Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association

Alaska Trollers Association

Audubon Alaska


FairShare CSA Coalition

Fish Talk

KCAW/Raven Radio (Sitka Local Public Radio)

Last Man Fishing

Local Catch Network

Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance

REAP Food Group


Sitka Brave Heart Volunteers

Sitka Conservation Society

Sitka Fish to Schools Program 

Sitka Local Foods Network

Sitka Homeless Coalition

Sitka Maritime Heritage Society

Sitka Mt. Edgecumbe Preschool

Sitka Mutual Aid

Sitka Sound Science Center

Slow Fish USA

Southeast Alaska Conservation Council

Understory: A Journey Into the Tongass

United Fishermen of Alaska

United Tribes of Bristol Bay

Sitka Whalefest

Is your organization a potential fit for our 1% For the Wild Fund? Drop us a line by emailing 1percent@sitkasalmonshares.com.

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