Deconstructing Your Dungy

A guide to breaking down crab

Deconstructing Your Dungy

Serves: many! | Difficulty:

Follow these instructions to break down your crab. You can also watch us breaking down a crab here! Be sure to thaw your crab before cracking into it; an hour submerged in cold water or 24 hours in the fridge will do the trick.

Step one:

Place your thumb between the top shell and legs. Lift the top shell firmly. Thoroughly rinse the guts from the crab body.


Step two:

Remove the central shell piece on the underside of the crab, called the apron. Pull inedible gills from the body, located on either side of the space where the apron was. Discard.


Step three:

Snap crab in half. Note that there’s plenty of good meat in the knuckles, where the legs attach to the body.


Step four:

Break crab shells and gently remove meat. If serving immediately, heat just prior to this step. Bon appétit!


Nic’s Trick:

Use the back of a wooden spoon to crack open crab claws. Better yet, invite some crab-loving friends over for dinner. Have them crack your claws for you!