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Marsh Skeele

F/V Loon King Salmon, Coho Salmon

Marsh Skeele

Marsh began fishing as a child, helping on his dad’s boat long before he owned his own. After finishing college, he quickly realized that not only was fishing his greatest skill, it was also his passion. In 2000, Marsh purchased the F/V Loon from fellow Salmon Shares fisherman Spencer Severson and set to work establishing the second generation of Skeele fishermen.

In 2011, Marsh helped launch Salmon Shares, driven by a desire to get his fish into the hands of consumers who share in his appreciation for high quality, sustainably harvested fish. Marsh takes great pride in doing his part to connect Midwesterners with the best fish possible, regarding his trade as entailing much more than the simple act of catching fish.

In the off-season, Marsh embarks on food-centric travel and can often be found in the Midwest, leading cooking classes for our members, engaging with folks at farmers markets, and sharing his knowledge at inspirational dinners at local restaurants.