The F/V Heather Anne

Hardcastle, Peterson, and Warr families

Sockeye Salmon, Coho Salmon

Kirk, Heather, Len, Sheila, Winston, and Renee are one big, happy fishing family. Operating on the F/V Heather Anne, these three families fish under the brand name Taku River Reds, a business they formed in 2000. Up until that point, their fish had been consolidated with those of other fishermen, many of whom did not process their fish with the same care and attention to detail as they did. Then and now, Taku River Reds pressure bleeds each sockeye they harvest, a rather time-consuming process that preserves the quality of each fish and ultimately produces incomparable flavor. Their fish are on the menu at Alice Waters’ famed Chez Panisse and are often served at the Alaska Governor’s Mansion.