The F/V Amnicon

The Fisherman:  Joe Daniels

The Fish: King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Ling Cod

A second generation fisherman, Joe spent his childhood years in Pelican, Alaska, where his father fished for many years. Joe began “working” on his father’s boat as a toddler, learning the ins-and-outs of fishing over the course of his youth.

After finishing college, Joe decided to return to his roots—a step that has given him a newfound appreciation for Alaska’s rich culture and breathtaking landscape. Naturally, fishing easily fit into Joe’s plans, and this year he’s closing in on a decade as the captain of his own vessel.

With the passage of time, Joe has remained intrigued by the craft and art of catching salmon. His relationship with Salmon Shares is intricately tied to the principles that drive his work. “It is important to me to have a connection with where my fish are going. I go above and beyond to harvest and process my fish in a manner that presents exceptional quality. I want to sell my fish to people who understand this and appreciate it.”