The F/V Valle Lee

Gary Egerton

Black Cod, Halibut, King Salmon, Coho Salmon

Gary grew up on a sport fishing resort in Woodley Island, Washington, where his dad rented boats and cabins to those seeking adventure and a break from the daily grind. Unsurprisingly, that same spirit of adventure took hold in Gary early on and before long, he was trolling for albacore and salmon off the coasts of California, Oregon, and Washington. In 1985, he and his wife took off for Sitka and they’ve been there ever since.

Gary recently joined the Salmon Shares fleet and has enjoyed longlining for salmon, black cod, and halibut for our members. "Every hook is a different story. I love the thrill of pulling fish in." He pauses before adding: "Of course it’s not quite as fun when the fish aren’t biting!"