The F/V El Tiburon

Stu Weathers

Halibut, Black Cod, Spot Prawns

Stu started fishing for halibut and black cod alongside his stepfather back when he was in high school. When, at the age of 25, he decided he was ready to begin captaining his own boat, Stu’s stepfather sold him the 53-foot long F/V El Tiburon.

Shortly thereafter, Stu decided to branch out into the spot prawns fishery. Given the unpredictability inherent to fishing, it’s not uncommon for small-boat fishermen to participate in multiple fisheries as a means of smoothing their risk. Fishing comes with numerous stressors, from worrying about the weather and whether the fish are biting, to keeping your crew safe and being away from your family. Even when he’s not on the water, Stu spends countless hours working on his boat. Despite the stressors, Stu continues to enjoy fishing in its entirety. “It’s hard work, but it balances out.” One highlight in particular is being able to spend time on the water with friends. “I can’t think of a better way to make a living than catching fish with your buddies.”

As a fisherman, Stu goes the extra mile to ensure that he’s bringing in the best fish possible—a standard that he says is maintained by Salmon Shares. “When you work with these large processors, they might give you a pat on the back, but they don’t always take the best care of your fish once they’re in their hands.” Salmon Shares’ commitment to quality matches his own.