The F/V Mary Carl

Drew Terhaar

King Salmon, Coho Salmon

Drew grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. When, in 2011, a friend of his returned from a summer of deckhanding in Sitka, Drew thought to himself, “I can do that.” Despite his lack of experience, he let his sense of adventure and his eagerness to learn more about Southeast Alaska’s fisheries guide him. He bought himself a plane ticket and walked around the docks of Sitka until he found himself a spot on a crew. The next year, he bought his own boat.

Though his first year as captain of the F/V Mary Carl was more difficult than he imagined it would be, Drew took things in stride. As any small-boat fisherman will tell you, fishing is a lifestyle, full of ups and downs. Good fortune was on Drew’s side this past year, as he pulled in a whopping 43-pound king salmon! “Catching a fish that big really reenergizes you and makes you excited about fishing.”

As part of the Salmon Shares fleet, Drew enjoys knowing that not only is he part of a larger picture of environmental stewardship and sustainable management, but he’s also working to put healthy, high quality food into the hands of our members.