The F/V Lorelai Bell

Chelsea and Dustin McLeod

King Salmon, Coho Salmon

As native Sitkans hailing from fishing families, Chelsea and Dustin feel at home on the water. That both of them would fish for their livelihoods was “never really a question,” but more of a natural and inevitable progression.

After getting their start in 2010, they bought the F/V Fascination in 2013 and promptly renamed the boat after their daughters. For Chelsea and Dustin, being able to raise their kids on the water and to instill in them the concept of hard work has been a top priority. Fortunately, the coho and king fisheries are incredibly conducive to fishing with young kids in toe. “They love it. They set up swings, make forts, and like to watch us work with the fish.”

Reflective of their commitment to the stewardship of Southeast Alaska’s fisheries, Chelsea and Dustin are driven to provide the highest quality salmon possible. They take great pride in knowing that our Salmon Shares members are on the other side of those efforts.