The F/V April L

Isaac Reynolds

King Salmon, Coho Salmon

Growing up in Sitka, Alaska, Isaac credits his grandfathers with turning him into a “fishing monster.” They set him up at an early age, with all the worms and bait he could ask for. As a young adult, Isaac secured a welding apprenticeship that earned him a skill set focused on marine and commercial ventures. As he transitioned into a career of fishing, this experience served him well. Being well versed in all of the fabrication and mechanical workings of his boat has allowed him to maintain and modify it as needed.

Isaac counts himself as fortunate that he has been able to turn his passion into a career. “It’s more than a job, it’s my lifestyle.” For Isaac, fishing is most rewarding when the seas are calm and the fish are biting—a rare combination in Sitka. “I keep it to myself and enjoy it for a while, but then I tell my friends when I’m ready to take off so they can enjoy it too!”

Led by his desire to bring in the best fish, Isaac approaches work and leisure with the same measure. “I don’t treat my fish differently, whether I’m fishing for sale or for myself.” Taking shorter trips, getting the fish cleaned properly and iced quickly, and other basic handling practices go a long way in ensuring the highest quality possible.