2020 Trip to Sitka

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2020 Trip to Sitka

One of the benefits of joining our community supported fishery (CSF) is the opportunity to know where your fish come from. Historically, we've done this through packaging, videos, blogs, and emailed content. In 2020, we're continuing a fairly new tradition by offering our members the opportunity to meet our fishermen, see our processes, and engage with our island community behind your monthly good-fish box - all while steeped in the majestic natural beauty of Southeast Alaska. This opportunity is our incentive for you to enroll during our Early Bird enrollment period.

Early Bird enrollment is a great opportunity* to win this all-expenses paid trip for 2 to Sitka, Alaska. There, you'll join the Sitka Salmon Shares team to explore our community and its surrounding environs. The trip will take place in early June, 2020, and will last about five days.

Early Bird Enrollment Giveaway: Sign-up during Early-Bird enrollment for our 2020 CSF to be entered! Enroll for next years CSF before November 1st, and enter to win a pair of tickets.

*Disclaimer: No purchase is necessary to be privy to any of these opportunities. If you'd like to enter into our trip drawing, but are choosing not to enroll, you can still do so by emailing salmonsupport@sitkasalmonshares.com. 




What's there to do in Sitka anyway?

Good question... To which we rebut, what isn't there to do in Sitka?!? We've had a blast welcoming members and friends to our hometown over the years. Trip itineraries have varied significantly, but here are a few examples of activities: 

Meeting Your Fishermen

Shake the hand of the people who work long hours in tough conditions to catch your fish. See what a day on their job is like. Explore Sitka Sound from the deck of their boats. Learn all about what it takes to participate in sustainable Alaskan fisheries and produce the highest quality fish. 

john skeele with a king

Capt. John Skeele, F/V Sunfish, fresh King Salmon shaking his hand. Photo by Diana Zalucky. 

Tour Our Fish Plant 

We'd love to show off our little powerhouse fish plant. From a sparkling clean production line to a state-of-the-art blast freezer, our fish plant is where the magic happens. More importantly, it's where your top-quality fish is produced. 

Explore Sitka

Our small island outpost is loaded with history, culture, and great food. Whether it's dinner at Ludvig's Bistro, lunch at Beak, or drinks and fishing tales at the Pioneer Bar, Sitka delivers. There's also a fantastic little museum, a science center, totem poles scattered throughout Sitka's Historical National Park, and a famous Russian Orthodox church. 

Wild caught, wild cooked fish, fishing adventures, history tours, wildlife, and more! 

Adventure through Baranof Island and Sitka Sound: 

Whether you're a mountain-climbing trail-warrior or more of a laid-back casual outdoors-person, adventure awaits in Sitka. The rugged beauty of Baranof, Kruzof, and Chichagoff Islands is only a hike, or boat ride through Sitka Sound away. Chances are you'll see whales, seals, birds, otters, and lots of trees along the way! 


"The entire trip was truly wonderful. I was impressed by the people who were our guides. The scenery was the most memorable, but the food was exceptional as well. Ludvig’s especially."
-- Participant of our Knox Alumni Sitka Tour

"Having been to Alaska before, what was different and a standout was meeting locals and getting a sense of what motivates these people to live there and their focus to protecting and preserving the lifestyle and environment. Also, since we are Sitka Shares members we were most interested in seeing the operation." --Participant of our Knox Alumni Sitka Tour

"I can’t stop talking about how much we felt welcomed by wonderful people, and how much we learned. Seeing the interplay between clean water, natural forest, and healthy fish was really striking. And seeing how it all fits with the community was really inspiring." -- 2019 Member Trip Participant

"I feel I have never eaten so well in my entire life. Everything tasted so fresh." --2019 Member Trip Participant

Adventure awaits! Need we say more? 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to Salmon Support if you have questions. You can also message us on Facebook. The complete itinerary for our 2020 trip will be solidified in early spring, so stay tuned, and of course, stay wild! 

See you soon! 


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